What we offer

The guarantee to give our clients an accurate, professional, complete service, with minimum response times and costs, has enabled 3D Service Srl to establish itself and develop on the market over time.
We offer a complete range of consultancy and technical design services for the industry, always respecting the maximum confidentiality and the know-how we receive, and we also provide the maximum application flexibility, thus allowing a reliable guarantee of the service.
The certainty of having a service which is always available, competent, convenient and meeting the requirements, only when necessary, has enabled our existing clients to benefit from fixed costs and the right staff, this being an indispensable feature to resist a global market.

3D Service Srl was founded as a mechanical design service company for the engineering sector in 1997, when two design engineers having several years of experience in the field of applied mechanics in various production companies (industrial automation; special machines; research and development of new products) wanted to share their experience and willingness of continuous professional growth to their clients. Over the years, due to the continuous experience and the direct collaborators, 3D Service Srl has gained importance and recognition in the Triveneto area, becoming also a CITT (Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer) for the Veneto region, representing an important reference point for all those companies that need an accurate and complete service regarding the design and mechanical development of the CAD drawing, the calculation and the feasibility study for the development of the new plants, machinery, products and finally for the realization of all the

documentation with complete information, such as: CE certification; instructions for installation and assembly; spare parts management; commercial support. Being always available for the new requirements and demands of its clients, combining the need to have a professional and flexible structure with the need to maintain good costs and to create an internationalization of its provided services; 3D Service Srl founded in 2005 and 2007 (in Timisoara-RO) two new subsidiaries, 3D Project Srl and 3D Advising Srl, linked to the local university, which begin to provide services of CAD development and creation of 3D and 2D libraries, not only for Italian companies, but also for English, German, Swiss and French companies.
We can now offer a complete range of services of design, consultancy (also on-site) and development, as well as technical documentation and translation in multiple languages.

How we offer

The working group of 3D Service Srl consists today of 50 employees, each of whom continually improving the skills and being motivated by work experiences that constantly change due to the multiplicity of areas in which our company operates Our clients, from small craftsmen to large companies, can therefore benefit from an induced added value and a more complete vision of solutions.