Market research on the state-of-the-art

Services of analysis on what the market offers today, research for patent restrictions, consultancy on new and innovative solutions and development of new items/products.
Assistance and support for the drafting of invention or product utility patents.

3D CAD design, research and graphic presentation of the product

Analysis of product industrialization, checks for choices of materials, components, realization methods to be used, followed by a draft of the graphic presentation and developing process.

Support for sampling and pre-series

Supply service for prototypes and supplies of pre-series, thanks to the direct collaboration with subsuppliers such as: workshops, prototype developers, pattern makers and mould makers.
We can provide the development and realization of simple details up to complete machines.

Product industrialization

Process that completes the work of design and development, providing to the client a detailed analysis on how to operate and which choices to make in order to optimize the quality and the costs, this step may be very difficult to deal with. 3D Service can provide this service also together with other suppliers.